• High-precision, complex structural geometry tube/rod within ±0.001-0.01mm tolerance.
  • OH-free, high OH content, fused quartz, synthetic silica glass tube/rod.
  • Custom design, small amount and mass production are available.
  • We have started selling the Integrated GRIN lens.

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Headquarters and
Mito business unit

4282-3, Sakado-chou, Mito city, Ibaraki310-0841 Japan


The short delivery products


No. Material Outer Dimeter
1 Synthetic Silica φ0.5
2 Synthetic Silica φ0.8
3 Synthetic Silica φ1
4 Synthetic Silica φ1.12
5 Synthetic Silica φ1.2
6 Synthetic Silica φ2
7 Synthetic Silica φ3
8 Synthetic Silica φ2.6
9 Synthetic Silica φ4
10 Synthetic Silica φ5
11 Natural Quartz φ0.5
12 Natural Quartz φ0.75
13 Natural Quartz φ0.8
14 Natural Quartz φ0.85
15 Natural Quartz φ1
16 Natural Quartz φ1.05
17 Natural Quartz φ1.2
18 Natural Quartz φ2
19 Natural Quartz φ2.6
20 Natural Quartz φ3
21 Natural Quartz φ3.5
22 Natural Quartz φ4
23 Natural Quartz φ6
24 Borosilicate Glass φ1
25 Borosilicate Glass φ5