• High-precision, complex structural geometry tube/rod within ±0.001-0.01mm tolerance.
  • OH-free, high OH content, fused quartz, synthetic silica glass tube/rod.
  • Custom design, small amount and mass production are available.
  • We have started selling the Integrated GRIN lens.

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Headquarters and
Mito business unit

4282-3, Sakado-chou, Mito city, Ibaraki310-0841 Japan


The short delivery products

Plural Holes

No. Material Number of Holes Hole Pitch Outer Dimeter Internal Diameter
1 Natural Quartz 2 0.4 φ0.79 φ0.132
2 Natural Quartz 2 1.75 φ4.3 φ0.75
3 Natural Quartz 2 1.8 φ7 φ1.2
4 Natural Quartz 3 φ1.59 φ0.5
5 Natural Quartz 3 0.67 φ1.95 φ0.1
6 Natural Quartz 3 φ7 φ1
7 天然石英 4 φ7 φ1.3